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Axiom's Director explains his involvement in the upcoming IMechE pressure systems conference in October.

For further details about the conference please visit the event website.

Please could you briefly explain your role, involvement, and experience with regards to the Pressure Systems industryand this event?

Rob Johnson (RJ): I lead a team of engineers who are tasked with fitness for purpose assessments of pressure systems, from pressure vessels to piping, boilers and fired equipment. This often means assessing equipment that has seen service and has therefore aged in some way. This introduces new challenges to those encountered at the design stage, as equipment must remain safe and reliable if it is to remain in service. Understanding, measuring and analysing how deterioration modes reduce redundancy and will affect future asset life is key.

What, in your experience, has been the biggest roadblock for the industry over the past 2-3 years?

RJ: I believe an outcome of the UK's lack of industrial strategy is that we haven’t trained enough young people to fill the skills and labor shortages that we are now facing.

What key topics are you excited to discuss at this year's conference?

RJ: I’m always interested in what updates are occurring in the pressure system codes and standards. The opportunity to receive latest information on conformity and regulatory frameworks are also of importance.

What would you say are the technologiesor applicationsto watch for the future?

RJ: Clearly the transition to sustainable, renewable technologies are vital for not just the UK, but globally. Hydrogen is a topic we are often asked about at Axiom and will no doubt play a big part in the transition to net-zero. It is obvious to me that pressure systems engineers are vitally important as they have the skills and capabilities to help manage and lead this transition to a low carbon, sustainable future.

Who else are you most interested in hearing from on the programme?

RJ: The programme looks good, so it is hard to pick out a favorite. But it’s always good to hear from other speakers in related fields. From experience I know you will always learn something new you can take away for the benefit of your own organization and clients.

Why is it important for engineers to join this conference?

RJ: It is likely that process manufacturing may decline in the UK, but conversely, we will see an increase in the mix of how we produce power. How we store and transport liquids and gases around safety will still be incredibly important. A conference like this helps engineers keep pace and prepare for those challenges emerging right now and for the future.

The Lifecycle of Pressure Systems 2023 Conference will take place on 31 October

The two-day conference will provide a comprehensive “state of the industry” to update all those involved with pressure systems and equipment and for all asset stages: from design and installation to daily operation and decommissioning.

Join your peers this October and benefit from networking and knowledge sharing and take away key guidance and successful strategies that will enable your organisation to comply with the latest legislation and enhance cost-effectiveness of your existing budgets: visit the event website for further details and to book.


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