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Ahead of the IMechE's International Conference and Workshop on Climate Adaptation and Resilience, Peter shares the topics he's looking forward to discussing.

For further details of the event, to view the full agenda and register to join, visit the event website.

Please could you briefly explain your role and experience with regard to this event?

Peter Robinson (PR): I’ve spent over 25 years working in the flood risk management and infrastructure sector and really looking forward to sharing experiences associated with the development and delivery of Glasgow’s Smart Canal, which has gained international recognition for it’s forward looking approach to repurposing existing infrastructure.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in mobilising the international engineering community to adapt to the impacts of climate change?

PR: Unfortunately there remains a lack of awareness of the issues that we are facing both through individual and collective actions (how many delegates will have travelled short distances by air?) Engineers are, by nature, risk averse but need to engage clients in appreciating the long term risks of inaction versus the short term risks of changing how things are delivered and how we need to innovate.

Which conference track will you be taking part in, and what will you be covering in your presentation?

PR: I’m looking forward to following Track 2 and covering the development and delivery of a unique resilience and efficient project that relied heavily on strong collaborative partnership working.

Which other presentations stand out to you and what are you hoping to take away from the conference?

PR: There so many interesting presentations – almost to the point of needing to have 3 of me to follow each of the Tracks! I’m looking forward to hearing shared learning experiences and hearing of other projects that are delivering real benefits.

Which parts of the engineering community are you particularly hoping will be represented at the event?

PR: We need to ensure we have a wide representation of the industry, but most importantly those risk management authorities who have to face the challenge of a changing climate and represent the communities and environment that we need to protect and restore.

Why is it important to encourage collaboration as we tackle these challenges?

PR: Simply put, we are all in this together. Climate Change recognises no boundaries whether they be geographical, political or social. Collaboration is required at all levels as the resilience of the planet will only be as strong as it’s weakest link and collaboration creates strength.

The 1st International Conference and Workshop on Climate Adaptation and Resilience will take place on 6-8 September 2023

For further details of the event, to view the full agenda and register to join, visit the event website.


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