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Marcello provides some of the highlights ahead of the IMechE's upcoming Lifecycle of Pressure Systems conference.

For further details of the conference and to book your place, please visit the event website.

Please could you briefly explain your role, involvement, and experience with regards to the Pressure Systems industry and this event?

Marcello Consonni (MC): I have more than twenty years of experience with pressure systems, having started my career with a Pressure Vessel Manufacturer, then moved to a Research and Consultancy Organisation, providing consultancy on welding-related a matter across all industry sectors where pressure systems are deployed.

What key topics are you excited to discuss at this year's conference?

MC: Issues and hot topics, Future applications, Codes and standards.

What would you say are the technologies or applications to watch for the future?

MC: Technologies: manufacturing of pressure system parts by various forms of additive manufacturing. Applications: carbon capture and storage (CCS) and the “hydrogen economy”.

Who else are you most interested in hearing from on the programme?

MC: David Glass, HSE. Simon Emeny, LRQA. Simon Earland and David Nash.

Why is it important for engineers to join this conference?

MC: This conference will give engineers an overview of the current status of many aspects of pressure systems (design, fabrication, inspection, testing, service), as well as upcoming developments.

The Lifecycle of Pressure Systems conference will take place on 31st October - 1 November 2023 in London

The conference is a comprehensive two days of updates that brings together every area of the pressure systems community.Don't miss this “state of the industry” designed to update all those involved with pressure systems and equipment and for all asset stages: from design and installation to daily operation and decommissioning.

For further details of the conference and to book your place, please visit the event website.


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