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60 seconds with...Gabriele Porta, Ansaldo Energia

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With this year's Steam Turbine and Generator User Group just a month away, we catch up with Gabriele ahead of his presentation on solutions for steam turbine service and damage solutions.

For full details of this year's User Group and to book your place please visit

Please briefly explain your role, involvement, and experience in regard to the Steam Turbine and Generator User Group.

Gabriele Porta (GP): I am steam turbine service engineer & welding coordinator at Ansaldo Energia. I will be a speaker at the STGUG 2024 and it will be my second time attending this specific user group.

What would you say is the top challenge facing your industry at present?

GP: The increased demand for operational flexibility introduced new challenges from technical standpoint with reference to steam turbines maintenance activities.

How would you say your industry has evolved over the past two years?

GP: Modifying and integrating maintenance plans and finding technical solutions to meet new operational needs as much as possible.

What developments are going on in your industry that may have an impact on the development of future approaches to operation, design, maintenance, service or upgrading of steam turbine or generator assets?

GP: The identification and integration in the maintenance plans of all the thermo-mechanical factors that contribute to the life consumption of the steam turbine components in relation to high-cycle power plants and the development of technical solutions for fitting to more onerous operating conditions, such as materials and hard facing overlays above all.

What will you be presenting at the Steam Turbine and Generator User Group and how will this benefit participants?

GP: I will present findings & troubleshooting of steam turbine rotors and inner casings, with reference to wire wooling damage and casings split plane sealing, highlighting the corrective actions that can be implemented based on real case studies.

Which other speakers and presentations are you looking forward to hearing at the forthcoming seminar?

GP: All presentations taking place on the STEAM TURBINE INTEGRITY session track.

Why is it important for engineers and industry to come together at this event and share best practice?

GP: To share expertise, common issues/findings and related solutions developed based on the latest technological developments, but also to make new connections and create opportunities.

This year's Steam Turbine and Generator User Group will take place on 13-14 March 2024 in Manchester.

Whether you are involved in the operation, design, maintenance, service or upgrading of steam turbine or generator assets, the User Group is THE forum for engineers and professionals to meet, network and learn from the shared experience of the Steam Turbine and Generator community.

For full details and to book your place please visit


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