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3D printing apprenticeship aims to meet demand in fast-growing field


An engineer uses a metal printer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (Credit: MTC)
An engineer uses a metal printer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (Credit: MTC)

A technology centre will help to meet demand in one of the fastest-growing manufacturing areas with the launch of the first apprenticeship in 3D printing.

Industry is “crying out” for the vocational course, said Martin Dury, manager at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry.

The programmes will start in September at the MTC’s National Centre for Additive Manufacturing, which bosses claim has “the most comprehensive combination of equipment and capability in the UK”.

“The MTC is an acknowledged world leader in additive technology,” said Dury. “We have all the equipment and capabilities to deliver first-class, sector-wide programmes for apprentices or existing employees. The manufacturing industry is crying out for this and we will be able to make it available in a format which allows people to learn while earning, funded by the apprenticeship levy.”

While additive manufacturing training courses already exist, they are mainly equipment-focused, said Dury. The new apprenticeships will also provide other skills needed for specific job roles.

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