How we work with Jaguar Land Rover

For Jaguar Land Rover, professional registration with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers is a cornerstone of their manufacturing credibility.

JLROur Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) fosters a broad but highly specialised set of skills, which Jaguar Land Rover requires for the majority of its projects. Our current research into hybrid technology involves a significant number of chartered engineers.

Because of this, Jaguar Land Rover is highly active in promoting professional registration amongst its technicians and engineers at every level. It encourages senior leadership team members to all set an example by completing the official process, whilst supporting graduate joiners at the same time. And, the company does much to promote our EngTech accreditation amongst its skilled engineering technicians.

From Jaguar Land Rover's point of view, professional registration with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers is the official mark of an individual's advancement in the profession. It creates technicians and engineers whose careers have developed over time at the right level, and with the right competencies and rigour.

José Lopes CEng Head of Technical Excellence, Jaguar Land Rover

Structured framework for employees

The Institution works closely with Jaguar Land Rover to promote professional registration to its employees, and to ensure the programme is hassle-free and tailored to individual needs. Registered employees are encouraged to become a graduate mentor: Jaguar Land Rover pays their subscription to the Institution while they build development plans and monitor the graduates’ progress. Alongside this, the Institution’s business development manager holds monthly drop-in sessions to answer queries and review coursework. The company also holds an annual recognition event to formally acknowledge everyone who’s been professionally registered that year.

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