Company Based Registration

Gain a professionally registered workforce with this supported route to membership for your engineers and technicians.

What is Company Based Registration?

Professional registration demonstrates that your engineers have benchmarked their skills against a global standard and will continue their professional development.

They’ll become more transferable within your organisation and you’ll gain a more highly-skilled workforce.

Company Based Registration (CBR) is a structured programme that makes it simpler for your organisation to facilitate professional registration. We provide dedicated support from start to finish of the application process, and your staff won’t need to leave the workplace.

How it works

One of our global team of Business Development Managers will work alongside your engineers on their professional registration application.

They’ll guide and support your engineers throughout the entire application process, with one-to-one advice to find the best route for them. Preparation for applications also takes place in groups where peers can encourage and motivate one another.

Business Development Managers will start by giving a presentation to applicants to explain how the programme works and what the benefits are. Later, they can review individuals’ applications for professional registration.

Our tailored workshops cover the benefits of professional registration and the Professional Review Interview, while ‘membership surgeries’ and individual sessions can address any queries as they arise.

We can also conduct the Professional Review Interview on your premises.

Benefits to your business

This supported route to professional registration minimises disruption to business, because we come to you. All presentations and interviews take place at your organisation, so staff don’t waste time travelling to another location.

We adapt the program to your organisation and to the needs of your engineers.

We also offer a free review of employees’ application forms and supporting documents, working to a structured timetable.

Leave it to us to prepare your engineers for a successful application and enjoy the benefits of a professionally registered workforce.

Who we help

How much it costs

We don’t charge organisations a fee for any part of the CBR process.

The only costs of the programme are the individual’s own application fee and annual membership subscription.

Example Company Based Registration programme

Company Based Registration is flexible to reflect individuals’ and your organisation’s priorities, but it typically takes the following format:

  • One of our Business Development Managers visits you to explain how the programme works and how to apply
  • We conduct a presentation explaining professional registration, which may be followed by one-to-one meetings, workshops or membership surgeries
  • Engineers are grouped according to which stage they are in the application process
  • Your engineers and technicians complete the application form, with our continual support if they need it
  • We offer application form reviews prior to formal submission
  • We invite applicants to a Professional Review Interview on your premises

Get started

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