How we work with Fugro Seacore

Fugro Seacore Limited (FSCL) is a specialist overwater drilling and marine construction contractor, with nearshore and offshore projects all over the world.

Fugro SeacoreIts success is due in large part to its ability to design, develop and operate its own equipment, producing machinery to suit both likely and exceptional scenarios, often in technically demanding and hostile environments.

The MPDS has proved so beneficial that we now utilise it as a default development framework for the whole of the engineering department.

EurIng Ian Goodreid CEng MIMechE Engineering Manager, Fugro Seacore Limited

Structured framework for employees

Engagement in both our MPDS programme and Company Based Registration (CBR) has led to an increase in the number of chartered engineers at Fugro Seacore. It currently has six registered engineers and technicians, and pays employees’ Institution subscription fees.

The company believes this has brought them new advantages. Within a contract-based environment, MPDS provides a stable background against which development can be measured. Clients seeking third-party evidence for Fugro Seacore’s standards of excellence recognise its links to us, improving its ability to win contracts.

More broadly, there has been a shift in the company culture, with increased motivation and professionalism amongst engineers who are registered, and those on the path to registration. Engineers following CBR are benefiting from face-to-face reviews at their work premises, and scheduled workshops run by our Business Development Manager generate regular targets for applicants working towards report submission and professional review. It’s felt that the level of support from us creates momentum among developing engineers.

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