Transfer your membership from another institution

Are you already registered at another institution in the UK?

If you’re already registered as an Engineering Technician, an Incorporated Engineer or a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council via one of the professional engineering institutions they approve, then you can join us as at the same registration level.

To apply you need:

Guidance notes are available to help you with your application. We do not need to assess your competence again and, provided you submit a detailed application, it is unlikely that we will need to interview you.


Are you considering Fellowship?

If you would also like to be considered for Fellowship as part of your transfer, then please read through the information below and submit both applications (only one application fee is required):

Are you already registered at another institution somewhere else in the world?

Applying under a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)

Registered professional engineers who can demonstrate the UK-SPEC competence requirements, are eligible to apply under the Mutual Recognition Agreement if they are registered with:

You should contact the membership team to check whether you are eligible to use this process before you begin your application.

Applying under the European Mobility Directive (EMD)

IMechE is no longer able to accept applications under EMD. If you are a registered engineer working in the following countries, please contact the membership team for further advice on routes to membership:


Start your application

If you're an applicant who is eligible to apply via MRA you will need to read the guidance notes before submitting an International Existing Registrant application. You will need to submit:

Become a member

Contact our Membership team if you have any questions about joining us:

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    Not sure if your academic qualifications give you eligibility for professional registration?

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