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Take a look at our other videos, which focus on using library search  and ordering physical items from the Library.

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What is the library search?

The Library Search is a single search engine provided by Summon which allows you to search across all the full text ebook and ejournal databases available to members online, as well as the catalogue of hard copy books and Institution papers held by the library.

What databases and book and journal titles does the Library Search cover?

For a list of individual databases available to members see the search our library and digital resources page

Does the Library Search cover everything members can access?

No - although it does cover the vast majority of ebook and ejournal content for members, as well as all of our library's hard copy holdings, there is sometimes a delay in indexing new content. There are some interactive data tools like the Knovel Data Search for material properties that the Library Search doesn't capture. You can still search the individual databases or contact us if you can't find what you are looking for. The search also excludes our archive content, including the past member records freely available to members via Ancestry. You can explore these collections on our archive pages.

How can I access and download full text content via the Library Search?

In the Library Search results page click on "Full Text Online" or "Available Online" links, then use your Institution login to access the full text content. Please note that there is a 24 hour delay updating login credentials for these links, so if you have just joined or changed your password, please wait 24 hours before logging in or use your old password.

Depending on the licence, some databases allow you to download whole books (eg Springer) and others require an individual registration on the database for any PDF downloads (eg AccessEngineering). Our subscription to ScienceDirect allows you to download some content directly but the remainder is available via transactional licence. For these items you will have the option to "Order document", instead of the normal PDF download. There is a limit of 20 transactional items per member per year.

Are there any restrictions on how I can use the library databases?

Yes there are - please see terms and conditions of use for library databases.

How can I access hard copy books and papers?

You can request hard copy items you find in the Library Search by clicking on "Book: Available..." or "Journal: Available..." links to the catalogue on the results page. On the catalogue page, click on "Reserve" and log in with your Institution membership number. Then follow the instructions on the page.

Books are available for free postal loan to members within the EU and copies of individual papers can be supplied for a fee - for details of these services please see Library services.

Also see our 'Borrowing physical items' video (above) for further explanation.

How can I access standards?

A collection of hard copy BSI, ISO, API, ASME and other standards are available for free postal loan to members within Europe. We can't offer access online for licensing reasons. ;

You can look up the standards we hold in our Library Search. Please contact us if you can't find the standard you need because we may be able to acquire it and can also borrow standards from other libraries on behalf of members.

Can I search for full text content only?

Yes - run a Library Search and then use the left-hand menu in the results page to restrict to "Full Text Online".

Can I still search the catalogue of hard copy books and Institution papers?

Yes - the catalogue of hard copy holdings is still available here. Alternatively, you can run a Library Search and then use the left-hand menu in the results page to restrict to "Library Catalogue".

Can I still search Knovel or Springer or the other databases directly?

Yes - there is a list of links to all the databases for members.

Where can I find material properties data?

Knovel Data Search allows you to find specific types of properties data for materials with on-the-fly unit conversion. The Library Search can also be used to find relevant ebook and ejournal content. Our library staff also have access to the ILI Metals Infodisk, so if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us.

Where can I find online calculators for common engineering problems?

Calculator tools are available from McGraw-Hill for fluid dynamics, heat transfer and other engineering problems. The Knovel database also includes interactive tables and graphs which allow you to manipulate and export technical data - just select "Interactive table" or "Interactive graph" from your search results.

How can I change my “cookie settings” if access is being blocked?

To log into library resources, a “cookie” is sent to your browser to enable access.  If you are using a firewall or network privacy program, you may need to reconfigure it to allow cookies to be sent from our databases. You can find out how to do this on our site help page.

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