Tribology experts based in the UK

Tribology Experts based in the UK

The following is a list of tribology experts and researchers who are based around the UK:

Brunel University Surface Mechanics & Tribology Group 
Professor Tadeusz Stolarski

Cambridge University Tribology Group
Professor Ian Hutchings and Professor John Williams

Cardiff University Tribology and Gearing
Professor Ray Snidle and Professor Pwt Evans

University of Central Lancashire Jost Institute for Tribotechnology
Professor Ian Sherrington, Professor Ted Smith, Professor Derek Arnell, Dr Nathalie Renevier, Dr Gonzalo Garcia-Atance and Dr Ahmed Onsay

Imperial College Tribology Section (Mechanical Engineering)
Professor Hugh Spikes, Dr Phillipa Cann and Dr Ritchie Sayles

University of Leeds Tribology Research Group
Professor Anne Neville and Dr Ardian Morina

Loughborough University
Professor Homer Rahnejat

University of Sheffield Tribology and Wear Research Group (Mechanical Engineering)
Dr Rob Dwyer-Joyce and Dr Roger Lewis

University of Sheffield (Engineering Materials)
Professor John Beynon and Professor Mark Rainforth

National Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Professor Robert Wood

University of Strathclyde Tribology Group
Professor Margaret Stack

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