About Tribology Group

Tribology Group is concerned with optimum machine design and maintenance to improve service life, safety and reliability.

Who we are

Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in a state of relative motion, and covers friction, lubrication and wear in all mechanical contact situations.

Industries or disciplines covered

Tribologists are critical to the economics and operational reliability of industrial manufacturing, processing and operating.

What we do 

  • Stimulate the creation and transfer of tribological knowledge
  • Promote an understanding of the benefits of applying tribological principles
  • Improve tribology teaching and research throughout education
  • Focal point for practitioners of tribology and for those seeking information.


  • Organisation of conferences, lectures, seminars, training courses and workshops
  • Recognition of high achievement in tribology
  • Communication and collaboration with other industrial divisions and groups 
  • External communication and collaboration with learned societies and other organisations with an interest in tribology, government departments and the International Tribology Council
  • Support and promote of the Journal of Engineering Tribology  
  • Development of the Group’s website and network for members with an active interest in tribology.

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