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Our useful railway web links have been evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists.


Association of Train Operating Companies
Represents and supports Britain's passenger railway.

European Railway Agency
Agency set up to promote the construction of a safe, modern integrated railway network for the EU.

Institute of Railway Signal Engineers
International professional institution for all those engaged or interested in railway signalling and telecommunications and allied disciplines.

Web directory of UK railway links.

Light Rail Transit Association
Information about trams, tramways, streetcars and light rail transit systems.

Permanent Way Institution
Promotes exchange of knowledge about design, construction and maintenance of every type of rail track.

Rail Freight Group
The representative body of the rail freight industry, covering suppliers, manufacturers, and customers, operators and contractors.

Rob Armstrong's Rail Industry Pages
A source of general rail industry information.

Transport for London
The integrated body responsible for the Capital's transport system.

Company Directories

Network rail


Railway Industry Association
The Railway Industry Association is one of the oldest active Trade Associations in the UK. It is the business focus for UK based railway supply industry.

Rob Armstrong’s Rail Industry Pages

Railway Gazette Directory


Department for Transport

Energy Efficiencies Technologies for Railways

Environment Agency (UK)

European Environment Agency

Transport & Environment

International Energy Association 

Research and Technology

Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education

European Railway Research Network

Institute of Rail Welding

Institute of Railway Research (Huddersfield University) 

Railway Technical Web Pages

Railway Technology


Office of Rail and Road
The safety and economic regulator for the railway industry.


Railway Safety and Standards Board
Provides knowledge, analysis, technical expertise and risk management tools, and publishes:

Online database providing free access to all current (and many withdrawn) Railway Group Standards, Railway Approved Codes of Practice (RACOPs), Guidance Notes (GNs) and Railway Industry Standards (RISs).

Yellow Book UK Engineering Safety Management
Includes the complete, electronic version of the Yellow Book, details of relevant resources, training and user group meetings.


Department for Transport – Railways
Provides links to information on rail travel derived from the National Rail Travel Survey (NRTS).

UIC - the International Union of Rail Operating Companies
Worldwide organization for international cooperation among railways and promotion of the rail transport mode.

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