About Powertrain systems and fuels

Powertrain Systems and Fuels Group (PSFG) represents our members who have an interest in surface-based propulsion systems.

Who we are

We represent members who are interested in Powertrain Systems from internal combustion engines through all forms of hybridisation to full electric drives (including fuel cells) and cover the complete drivetrain and associated technologies such as sustainable/renewable fuels.  Our sectors range from high performance, passenger and commercial/off-highway vehicles through to rail traction and marine industries.

The primary interest is in powertrain system design and integration to improve performance, emissions and durability to achieve the efficiency aspirations whilst minimising impact on greenhouse gas emissions and air quality.

Our mission

Consistent with net-zero targets, our mission is to promote affordable, efficient, low carbon and clean transport propulsion systems by

  • Encouraging consistent, evidence-based policy development comprising
    • The use of life-cycle analysis (LCA)
  • Minimising environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas and toxic emissions from
    • Raw material extraction, manufacturing processes, recycling, disposal and re-use/recycling
    • In-use tailpipe and well-to-tank emissions
  • Minimising societal and individual cost.

Industries or disciplines covered

Relevant technologies include:

  • New materials
  • Sustainable fuels, e.g. biofuels, synthetic/e-fuels etc
  • Combustion system optimisation
  • Pressure charging systems
  • Air management
  • Injection systems
  • Engine management systems
  • Electrification, e.g. motors, batteries, power electronics etc.
  • Hybrid systems
  • Fuel cells
  • Driveline and transmission systems
  • System integration.

What we do

  • Deliver international conferences, seminars and webinars to disseminate information on current trends and emerging technologies
  • Promote the education, training and continuing professional development of engineers
  • Develop and enhance the interaction with industry, academia and Government bodies
  • Promote membership and professional registration to engineers working in this field
  • Collaborate with other engineering institutions and technical organisations
  • Develop and maintain the network of engineers working in powertrain systems and fuels.


  • Organise and promote a technical activity programme based on the needs of education, dissemination of information and technology transfer
  • Promote and discuss emerging technologies pertinent to the group’s sphere of activity
  • Promote the education, training and continuing professional development of engineers
  • Promote the status of Chartered Engineers, Chartered Environmentalists and membership of the Institution as the premier levels of validated competence
  • Develop greater collaboration with other engineering institutions and technical organisations
  • Promote the Institution as the body of influence within the UK, and to develop and enhance the interaction between the Group and industry, academia and Government bodies
  • Develop and maintain liaison and feedback with members active within the industries and disciplines above.

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