Useful fluid machinery web links

Our useful fluid machinery web links have been evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists.

American Gear Manufacturers Association
American trade association for manufacturers and user of gears and gearing products The site provides details of AGMA standards and information sheets.

British Compressed Air Society
Representing manufacturers, distributors and users of compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic tools and allied products.

British Fluid Power Association
Serving the hydraulics and pneumatics industry.

British Pump Manufacturers Association
Trade association representing the interests of UK suppliers of liquid pumps and pumping equipment.

British Valve and Actuator Association
Represents the interests of the British valve and actuator industry.

CFD Review
News, support and information clearinghouse for the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) community.

A specialty web information resource for the areas of flow engineering, fluid mechanics research, education and directly related topics.

Hydraulic Institute
American association of pump industry manufacturers.

International Fluid Power Society
Organisation for fluid power and related motion control professionals.

Manufacturing Technologies Association
UK trade association representing manufacturers of new machine tools/manufacturing technology.

NASA Ames/Stanford University - Center for Turbulence Research
Research consortium for fundamental study of turbulent flows jointly operated by Stanford University and NASA.

Society for Experimental Mechanics
US society with the objective of furthering knowledge of stress and strain. Provides access to an abstract database.

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