About Fluid Machinery Group

Fluid Machinery Group (FMG) promotes the equipment used in the movement and transportation of fluids, both liquid and gaseous.

Industries or disciplines covered:

Fluid machinery is essential to mankind, being found in all walks of life:

  • Pumps for drinking water, feeding power station boilers or moving chemicals around a process plant
  • Compressors that transport gases around distribution systems or through process plants or provide air for power tools
  • Fans for workplace ventilation, to provide coolant to nuclear reactors or ventilate the Channel Tunnel
  • Turbines used to generate motive power from water, wind or any process where fluids have energy to spare.

What we do:

Fluid Machinery Group currently has approximately 10,000 members and a Board of experts which aims to serve the wider membership by:

  • Organising relevant seminars, workshops and conferences which reflect the interests of our members
  • Representing our members' views in responses to government consultation papers and in discussions with other learned societies, both in the UK and overseas 
  • Representing the fluid machinery industry at meetings of national and international committees on standards and legislation
  • Awarding prizes relating to fluid machinery
  • Maintaining strong links with other organisations involved in related aspects of fluid machinery.

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