European governments need to recognize the importance of investing in the health of their populations, not only because good health is a desirable, but also because it is an important determinant of economic growth and competitiveness.

Many factors impact on our health, the way we live, environmental issues, the food and water that we consume.  The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) recognises the importance engineering plays in achieving this and believes it can do more to help people live healthy active lives.

Expanding research and development in health

The Institution is expanding its remit in this area, seeking to further the innovative research and development work that members are undertaking in the fields of ageing; food and water; sports; and the built environment.  We will continue to promote our members’ continuing successes in robotic surgery, orthopaedics and incontinence technology.

By broadening our horizons in the following areas, we aspire to create greater opportunities for people to enjoy a better quality of life, stay safe and healthy, and grow old gracefully:

  • Safe and healthy ageing
  • Robotic surgery
  • Neurosensory devices
  • Sport and exercise
  • Orthopaedic implants
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disabled athletics
  • Provision of food and water
  • Ergonomics
  • Design of buildings' environment
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Campaign: Engineering Solutions for the NHS

We are campaigning to raise awareness of the work and value of engineers within the NHS. We are calling for a position of Chief Biomedical Engineer to be created at every NHS acute Trust, similar to Chief Nurse or Chief Medical Officer.

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