About Biomedical Engineering Division

Biomedical Engineering Division (BmED) is the largest group of professional biomedical engineers in the UK.

Biomedical engineering explained

Biomedical engineering, also known as medical engineering or bioengineering, is a diverse, exciting and relatively new area within the field of engineering. Biomedical engineering is the integration of professional engineering with medical knowledge of the human body, such as:

  • hip replacements
  • pacemakers
  • computer simulations
  • artificial limbs
  • rehabilitation devices
  • robotic surgery
  • medical devices
  • assistive technology
  • sports engineering
  • independent living
  • modelling of biological systems.

Industries or disciplines represented

The field is rapidly evolving. There is a huge need for engineering input and there are excellent career prospects for graduates.

Our members are typically working within companies working on the design, development and manufacture of medical devices, in hospitals or healthcare looking at providing non-clinical services, with government regulatory agencies and government or academic research facilities.

What we do

BmED collaborates widely with other engineering institutions and related organisations. We organise joint events, work to agree common standards for degree courses and professional competency, promote biomedical engineering careers and encourage students.

  • Seminars, lectures and conferences, often jointly organised with other organisations to offer a programme that spans our discipline and raises awareness of our subject
  • The high-profile journal Engineering in Medicine
  • The Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology
  • A monthly Medical Newsletter; to receive it you need to select Medicine and Health or one of its subsets in the Industry category of your profile
  • The highly successful annual Student Project Competition, jointly run with the IET.


  • Become the natural home for the biomedical engineering profession in the UK
  • Bring together workers from both medicine and engineering to discuss the latest advances and issues
  • Enable networking among different industry leaders, and encourage best practice
  • Promote this growing field to government, healthcare professionals and the wider public
  • Support the professional development of our members throughout their careers from students to senior practitioners
  • Develop specialist centres in geographical areas where there are concentrations of biomedical engineers. The first of these is now established in Cambridge, and we plan to grow other centres in the UK and internationally. 

Our specialist centres 

Our future plans include the development of specialist centres in geographical areas where there are concentrations of biomedical engineers.  The first of these are now established in Cambridge and Southampton, and we plan to grow other centres in the UK and internationally:

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