Transmissions and Associated Systems Committee

Transmissions and Associated Systems Committee (TASTAC) covers mechanical power transfer technology for aerospace applications.

Transmission systems explained

Transmission  systems primarily incorporate a gearbox of some design together with appropriate shafting. In addition the engine power can be transmitted by means of a power take-off shaft to a gearbox driving accessory equipment such as electrical generators and hydraulic pumps providing vital power for the control systems of a modern aircraft.

Within the aircraft control systems further transmission systems incorporating gearboxes exist for the actuation of flight control surfaces such as leading and trailing edge flaps.

The transmission system is a vital mechanism demanding:

  • innovative design to meet the weight criteria most important in modern aircraft
  • reliability to meet airworthiness requirements
  • manufacturing techniques to satisfy cost targets together
  • good maintainability standards to reduce the cost of ownership for the ultimate customer.


What we do

We promote, principally through seminars, dialogue between practitioners in all activities relating to aerospace power transmissions, with the object of strengthening UK industry by:

  • Reviewing design methods and data
  • Seeking common ground on the development of materials, lubricants, machine tools and processes and components
  • Reviewing means of improving airworthiness
  • Providing stimulus and direction to university research, undergraduate and postgraduate course material and projects
  • Stimulating government funding authorities to provide continued support.

Industries or disciplines represented

To achieve these requirements we use the following technology:

  • Gear design and manufacture involving uprating of spur and helical involutes
  • Spiral bevels
  • Development of conformal gears
  • Successful development of materials and lubricants
  • Component technology from bearings to sensors and airborne processors
  • Understanding of failure mechanisms 
  • Enhancement of health monitoring facilities
  • FMEAs
  • Improved reliability data
  • Computer aided Design techniques for deflections, stresses, heat transfer, dynamic behaviour and noise 
  • Improved test facilities.

A wide range of new technology developments are at hand to assist, some requiring research effort, but many requiring further development, among them high temperature steels, skeletal gearbox casings, metal matrix composites, oil specially formulated for aerospace gearboxes, optical sensors and data transmissions systems to reduce maintenance workload and scope for error.

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