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Bloodhound SSC ambassadors visit local schools to ignite the next generation’s interest in engineering, technology, science and mathematics.

Bloodhound project

We’re proud sponsors of Bloodhound SSC, an inspirational project to break the world land speed record with a 1,000mph supersonic car (SSC). We believe Bloodhound is a brilliant and engaging way to promote engineering to school children of all ages.

Bloodhound SSC ambassadors visit local schools to ignite the next generation’s interest in engineering, technology, science and mathematics – and have fun while they’re at it!

Does this sound like you?

About you

Bloodhound ambassadors should:

  • Be qualified engineers
  • Be willing and able to work in primary and secondary schools, to make engineering fun and exciting for children
  • Be enthusiastic and engaging as this role is to excite and inspire young children
  • Have an Enhanced DBS check
  • Meet a Bloodhound Ambassador

    • Thomas Middleditch

      Thomas has built up a good relationship with is local primary school and regularly brings engineering into the classroom with the Bloodhound SSC project.

What you will do

As a Bloodhound ambassador, you’ll be assigned a small number of schools close to you, that you will then visit and talk to the pupils about the underlying engineering principles of Bloodhound SSC; including the drag, thrust, aerodynamics, friction etc of a car that will cover a mile in 3.6 seconds.

You’ll help the kids make uniquely designed Bloodhound SSC balloon cars, based on an understanding of engineering principles discussed in the presentation. The children can decorate the cars then optimise and race them. This will be supported by worksheets based on the curriculum, information sheets on the entire project including the geography of the race location and driver stats as well as a USB stick with many more activities.

How you will benefit

By volunteering for us you could:

  • Enhance your CV, giving you the edge in interviews
  • Develop professional skills and experience (influencing, presenting, communication, public speaking and project management) which may count towards your continuing professional development (CPD) and accreditation by meeting competencies for professional registration
  • Raise the profile of engineering as an exciting career to the next generation
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with local schools and other ambassadors

How much time it will take

The materials provided will equip you for a half or full day worth of activities.

How it works

Please register as an ambassador of the Institution in the first instance. Bloodhound

We’ve created a Bloodhound SSC education toolkit exclusively for Institution members containing all the materials you’ll need for a school visit. The toolkit is free of charge and includes a number of activities designed to engage a class of 30 children for three to four hours at a time. Please state date of visit, school age group and all school contact details when requesting a toolkit.

If you are an ambassador or a school interested in receiving a toolkit delivered by a trained ambassador, contact us

The Bloodhound SSC education toolkit includes:

• 2 A1 Bloodhound information posters with essential facts about the car
• 8 balloon kits. Groups of 3 or 4 students build cardboard versions of the car, powered by a balloon, and race against each other
• 2 A1 double-sided information posters with fun facts and images of the project
• 30 A2 double-sided Bloodhound information posters with fun facts and images of the project
• 30 Bloodhound banner pens. Each pen opens up to reveal an image of Bloodhound and essential facts about the car
• 1 Bloodhound cardboard slot-together model for display in classrooms.
• 6 activity worksheets with questions and tasks concerning Bloodhound for each group of students. Activity sheets are for either 8-14 years or 14+
• 4 IMechE/Bloodhound books. These books are for teachers and Ambassadors, and provide background information to Bloodhound’s creation and the Institution’s involvement
• 1 USB chip containing videos, quizzes and additional games which can be printed off and used
• 30 Augmented Reality cards that allows you to explore the car in 3D, download for free from iTunes
• 30 Bloodhound chatterbox templates testing knowledge of the project
• 1 Tomorrow’s Engineers resource’s pack. Each pack contains 3 ‘What is engineering?’ leaflets, 30 postcards, 1 set of notes and 3 posters

All interested members need to sign up with STEMNET, which will process a free DBS check that will clear you to work with the students.

Get in touch

If you are interested in becoming a Bloodhound SSC ambassador or would like to request an education toolkit, get in touch.

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If you would like to learn more about becoming a Bloodhound ambassador or would like to request some education outreach materials, get in touch.

More information

Visit the Bloodhound SSC Project website for more information.