Tribology Group - How we are governed

Tribology Group is concerned with optimum machine design and maintenance to improve service life, safety and reliability.

Tribology Board

Dr Ardian Morina - Chair

University of Leeds

Dr Daniele Dini - Past Chair

Imperial College London

Professor Roger Lewis - Past Chair

University of Sheffield

​ Professor Robert Wood - Past Chair

University of Southampton

Sashi Balakrishnan

Kian Banisoleiman




Jelili Bello


Dr Michael Burkinshaw

Cummins Turbo Technologies

Mr David Carnell


​ Dr Glyn Dyson

 Kurt J Lesker Co Ltd

Dr Mark Gee

Institute of Physics

Dr Keith Harrison

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Doris Nekesa Khaemba


Huirong Le



Dr Roy Mortier

Royal Society of Chemistry

Dr Abimbola Oladokun


Madan Pal

Daido Metal EHQ R&D

Alec Parker


Dr Honor Powrie

GE Aviation

Professor Ian Sherrington

University of Central Lancashire

Danny Shorten

Lloyds Register 

Dr Mandar Thakare

Element Six

Dr Rob Thornton

University of Sheffield

Sorin Vladescu




Professor John Williams

University of Cambridge

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