About automobile division

Automobile engineers design, develop and produce vehicles and their constituent parts.

Industries or disciplines represented

Automobile engineering has three main disciplines:

  • retail vehicles
  • motorsports
  • mass transportation.

Within these fields, an engineer will usually specialise in a particular working area, including bodywork, engine systems, fuel technology and emissions, electronics and control systems, fluid mechanics and aerodynamics.

What we do

  • Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas
  • Provide an international focus for technology transfer throughout the automotive industry
  • Promote the value of professional engineering as a career
  • Develop strong links with kindred associations in the UK, Europe and world-wide
  • Represent the interests of the automotive industry as a whole to decision makers within Government
  • Achieve wider recognition and understanding of the importance of automotive engineering in terms of its contribution to the economy and society
  • Promote the multidisciplinary nature of automotive engineering
  • Provide a professional home for all automotive engineers active in the industry.

Regional centres

Automobile division also has 10 regional centres each with its own committee.

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