Representation for every member

The Institution's world is grouped into Regions.

Each Region provides local members and volunteers with regular contact with the Institution and bespoke ways to engage with the Institution and other members.


IMechE map of the world

Regions are responsible for the whole of the Institution membership and are grouped as follows:

Branches or Groups

Each Region is made up of a number of different volunteer groups operating across the area. The largest of these are Branches or Groups, which support the Institution’s membership in:

Branches and Groups are comprised of committees of dedicated volunteers whose aims are to engage local members and raise the profile of the engineering profession and the Institution locally. This is achieved through the provision of networking, events, news, links with like-minded organisations and opportunities for the local engineering community.

Joint Groups

In addition to Branches and Groups, the Institution supports a number of Joint Groups in conjunction with other engineering institutions. The objectives of these Joint Groups are to provide support and opportunities for members of all participating institutions living locally, and to raise the profile of the engineering profession in the area.

Joint Groups are located in:

Institution representatives

In areas where members are more sparsely represented, the Institution has Representatives. There are Representatives in approximately 50 countries across the world. 

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