Paul Lidgett Memorial Prize

The Paul Lidgett Memorial Prize is funded from the Trust for Education and Research.

The Award

To create an annual award in perpetuity to encourage and reward the publication of full-length R&D papers in journals or in conference proceedings preferably under the auspices of the IMEchE, by new members of the Institution from the oil  and gas industry.  Terms of the Paul Lidgett bequest request that a 1000 word manuscript is prepared for the dissemination of the award-winning work in popular media with the aim of informing wider society perception of the achievements of the young chartered engineers.

Award value

The value of the Award will be £2000, funded by 50% of the income of a trust fund established by the IMechE using a legacy from the estate of Paul Lidgett.


Nominations will be invited from new Members of the IMechE working in the oil and gas industry. For the purposes of this prize, members will be considered ‘new’ up until the fifth anniversary of their appointment as Corporate Members. Affiliate and Associate Members will also qualify.

Nominations will be assessed and the award will be made by the Process Industries Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers upon consideration by professional specialists in the oil and gas industry. 

How to apply

If you would like to apply or nominate someone for this Award please send your entry by 18 March 2019 to

The Award will be made at the beginning of a lecture organised by the Process Industries Division either in February, June, October or at an alternative event decided by the Process Industries Division Board

Award conditions

  • The Award is for the first author of at least one full R&D paper focused on the mechanical engineering involved in an upstream or downstream oil and gas processing related topic of popular interest to the industry and wider society. 
  • In addition, supplementary supporting evidence will be required highlighting excellence in industrial project work, individual contribution to team building and professional development.
  • Applications will be invited under an annual selection of popular topics with further guidance provided by the Process Industries Division Board. Topics will include, but not exclusively, process design and engineering, process safety and control, process economics and sustainability. 

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