Vision Awards

Our Vision Awards underpin our vision, to improve the world through engineering, by inspiring, preparing and supporting tomorrow’s engineers to respond to society’s challenges.



Vision Awards News

Excellence across IMechE

  • Tribology Gold MedalINdustry and specialism awards

    Tribology Gold Medal

    Our Tribology Gold Medal is considered the world’s premier award in tribology.

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  • Engineering Heritage AwardsEngineering Heritage

    Engineering Heritage Awards

    Recognising irreplaceable artefacts from hovercraft to sewage works, railway lines to bombers, our awards raise public awareness of the vital role mechanical engineering plays in modern life.

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  • Learning & Development.Learning & Development.

    Stand out from the crowd

    Achieving excellence means moving from being good to being great. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a remarkable engineer with IMechE Learning & Development.

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