Our headquarters at Birdcage Walk, in central London, is over 100 years old. Following an extensive review of future options for the building, the time has come for us to take action.

As a heritage building, our headquarters (HQ) requires significant maintenance, as well as investment in modernisation and refurbishment. The Institution has not been operating from a sustainable financial position and, in recent years, has faced the difficult choice between investment in member services or in the building, in an effort to keep membership fees stable.

We have undertaken in-depth work to look at the impact of the building on our finances, our current use and future needs. One of our findings is that the building is too big for our needs, especially after the change in working practices following the COVID-19 pandemic. This programme of work has involved consulting with members, external experts and having independent assurance.

The most recent work was carried out by the HQ Programme Board, led by Past President Peter Flinn.

Next steps

The Board’s recommendation about the future of our HQ is under discussion with our Council. Members will receive more information about the recommendation in coming weeks.

Our HQ needs to deliver our vision of becoming of a global, inclusive, and digitally enabled engineering community. It should promote engineering in the modern world whilst reflecting the Institution’s prestige and history.

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Further information

  • Programme Overview

    Programme overview

    Information about the history the HQ Programme along with an overview of the HQ Programme Board.