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Professional Development Standards Committee, Panel Chair

The role of the Professional Development Standards Committee (PDSC) is to set and maintain standards of Initial Professional Development for Institution membership and professional registration, and to encourage and advise organisations seeking to introduce or operate professional development schemes for engineers.

The way this is achieved is through the process of accreditation. The PDSC, on behalf of the Institution, conducts accreditation assessments of organisations who operate Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) and is supported by a group of assessors known as PDSC Panel Chairs.

As a Panel Chair, you will conduct a crucial role as you will be responsible for chairing MPDS accreditation visits, assisted by an experienced IMechE Professional Development Consultant (PDC). You will be expected to utilise your expertise and knowledge from industry and if relevant, involvement in the operation of accredited schemes themselves, to contribute to the assessment of organisations engineering programmes in a credible way against a UK benchmark standard - The UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence and Commitment (UK-SPEC).


  • Prepare for accreditation visits in advance by reading the application paperwork, liaise with the assigned PDC, IMechE staff and where necessary, take part in email discussions or conference/video calls
  • Encourage a free and frank discussion of the subject scheme with all parties including Mentors and Developing Engineers (DEs). Actively listening and posing questions to explore any areas of concern
  • Assess, with the help of the PDC, the strengths, weaknesses and suitability of schemes, the ability of companies and organisations to support DEs, make recommendations and detail required any conditions to be placed on the scheme
  • Provide constructive and respectful feedback to the company, solely designed to help them in continuous improvement of their scheme
  • Review and assess the feedback report for the PDSC prepared by the PDC. Being available to answer any questions from PDSC members or IMechE Staff
  • Be prepared to attend a PDSC Committee meeting if a report with particular challenges is due for discussion
  • Raise awareness of the importance of academic accreditation for engineering degrees
  • Represent the IMechE and the engineering community


  • Learn from experience and identify best practice in the sector
  • Broaden professional horizons
  • Develop interpersonal and soft skills
  • Meet people from and develop relationships with, companies, industries, countries, and professional institutions you may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet
  • Contributes to your own CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Benefits

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a fundamental part of any career in engineering, ensuring 'professionally registered and active' engineers keep up to date by constantly learning and improving, developing skills and staying abreast of innovation. This will enhance your contribution to engineering and help you get the most out of your career.

Role Requirements

  • You must be a member of the Institution, professionally registered at, or above the registration category for which scheme accreditation is sought
  • Ideally in an engineering management role
  • Be familiar with:
    • HR and L&D principles, staff coaching and progression
    • Mentoring and coaching principles. Diversity and ethical issues
    • Strong interpersonal and customer focussed skills
    • The IMechE Code of Conduct, Values and Behaviours.
    • UK-SPEC and be willing to become familiar with other policy and process documentation i.e. Registration Code of Practice (RCoP)
    • As a member of PDSC panel you will be required to sign a Data Protection Agreement


    • Attend a minimum of two company accreditation (virtual or face to face) visits per year, along with associated preparation and follow-up work which will be completed remotely
    • An expected minimum term of 5 years’ service (refresher training must be completed should you wish to serve a further 5 year term)
    • Complete training as deemed necessary (or at least once every 5 years)
    • Keep up to date with the latest Engineering Council and IMechE accreditation policies

    Commitment to the Institution’s Values

    • Upholding the Institution’s Values, Behaviours and Code of Conduct
    • Acting with integrity
    • Acting without vested interest and self-reporting any conflicts of interest or loyalty
    • Supporting the Institution’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy
    • Exercising independent judgement and challenging colleagues appropriately
    • Opening-up volunteering opportunities to all eligible members
    • Creating transparent and inclusive processes and procedures that treat staff and volunteers objectively and fairly
    • Maintaining high levels of confidentiality where necessary and ensuring GDPR compliance is upheld

    Initial Training

    • Attend a formal training session conducted either virtually or at IMechE HQ.
    • Observe a minimum of two company accreditation visits and be observed by an experienced member of the Panel, carrying out a further visit.

    The IMechE will cover all reasonable expenses to attend an in-person committee meeting.