Trustee Board Consultation Plan 

Following the recent Special Meeting and Council meeting, your Trustee Board has resolved to listen to the concerns voiced by Members and to take action on two key issues:

  1. To ensure that the finances, governance and operation of the Institution are transparent and information is more accessible for Members
  2. To ensure that the voice of the membership is heard more clearly and that the interface between Council and Trustee Board becomes more effective.

To this end the Trustee Board has committed to a finance review and a governance review and intends to consult fully with Council on the scope of these reviews.

Looking forward, the Institution is entering into a crucial period of its history as we work to create an Institution that is more inclusive and relevant for all engineers and which can retain its place at the forefront of the engineering profession in the 21st century.

To achieve this objective our membership must always be at the heart of our Institution, because it is through our membership that we can focus the knowledge and experience to influence and shape the engineering profession and the role that it plays in our society.

The Trustee Board will engage Council in the extremely important strategic opportunities we have in front of us about the future of our Institution and how we might come together in some way with the other major Institutions in light of the Uff Review.

Above all the Trustee Board is committed to having a more open and effective structure with Trustees, Council and our membership working together and to harness the huge passion we all have for our profession, our Institution and our mission of ‘Improving the World through Engineering’.


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