1929 - Transatlantic non-stop flight

English air pioneers John Alcock and Arthur Brown complete the first non-stop transatlantic flight from Newfoundland to Ireland.

1929 - Jet engine

Frank Whittle invents jet propulsion, patented 1930.

1927 - Transatlantic airplane flight

American pilot Charles Lindbergh lands in Paris, successfully completing the first solo transatlantic airplane flight.

1926 - Rocket propellant

The world's first liquid rocket propellant is launched by Robert Goddard, near Worcester, Massachusetts.

1924-1926 - Television

Television is demonstrated for the first time by John Logie Baird at Selfridges, London, 1926. It used a mechanical system of rotating discs which had been patented in 1924.

1924 - Wembley Stadium

On 23 April 1924 Wembley Stadium is officially opened by King George V.

1924 - IMechE first female member

Verena Holmes becomes the first woman to be elected as an Institution of Mechanical Engineers member.

1924 - First rotary engine

Felix Wankel develops the Wankel engine, the world's first rotary engine.

1921 - First IMechE Local Branch

The first Institution of Mechanical Engineers local members’ branch is created in Birmingham, the birthplace of the Institution (1847) before its move to London in 1877.

1919 - Transatlantic airship crossing

The British built R34 becomes the first airship to cross the Atlantic, arriving in New York after a crossing time of 108 hours and 12 minutes, on the 6th July.

1919 - Pop up toaster

Charles Strite designs the pop-up toaster. It is patented in 1921 and launched in 1926.

1917 - First aircraft carrier

HMS Argus is launched, the first vessel to be designed for use as an aircraft carrier.

1915-1917 - Dual power/hybrid car

'Dual Power’ developed by Woods Motor Vehicles. It has a four cylinder internal combustion engine and an electric motor. For speeds under 15mph the car is powered by the electric motor, while the internal combustion engine takes it up to a maximum speed of 35mph. Around 600 are made up to 1918. The first was produced in 1917.

1914 - Tank

Sir Ernest Swinton develops the modern tank.

1914 - First car wash

The world's first car wash, the Automated Laundry, opens in Detroit, Michigan.

1914 - First bomber aircraft

The German airship Zeppelin (named after its pioneer, Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin) is the world's first bomber aircraft.

1913- Assembly line

The assembly line is introduced to manufacture Ford Model Ts. As a result, Ford's cars came off the line in three-minute intervals, much faster than previous methods, reducing production time by a factor of eight (requiring 12.5 hours before, 93 minutes afterwards), while using less manpower.

1913 - IMechE Graduateship

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers commences its own graduateship examinations in a drive to improve and control the training. The tests are not entirely technical; general knowledge papers tested candidates reading of Chaucer and Tennyson.

1911 - Refrigerator

General Electric launch their first home-market refrigerator.