1868 - Westinghouse compressed air brake

George Westinghouse invents the compressed air locomotive brake.

1868 - Typewriter

Christopher Latham Sholes patents the first commercial typewriter.

1868 - Traffic signals

John Peake Knight invents the first traffic signals. They are installed at the junction of George Street and Bridge Street in Westminster, London. His invention was instigated by the 1102 people who were killed and 1334 injured on roads in London, in 1866.

1865 - First pipeline

The world's first pipeline is built, out of wood. Nine miles long, it carries crude oil from the well at Pithole, Pennsylvania.

1863 - First underground railway

The world's first underground railway, the Metropolitan Line, is opened in London, running from Bishop's Road, Paddington to Farringdon.

1862 - Man-made plastic

Alexander Parkes invents the first man-made plastic by mixing pyroxylin with alcohol and camphor. He called the resulting hard, transparent and flexible material Parkesine.

1861 - Solar power

Auguste Mouchot is granted a patent for running a motor by solar power.

1860 - Singer sewing machine

Isaac Singer builds the first commercially successful sewing machine. The company he founds becomes the world's largest manufacturer of sewing machines.

1858 - Transatlantic cable

The first transatlantic cable is laid by American Cyrus Field.

1858 - The Great Eastern

SS Great Eastern was an iron sail-powered, paddle wheel and screw-propelled steamship designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and built by John Scott Russell & Co. at Millwall Iron Works on the River Thames, London.

1857 - Elevator

The first mechanical elevator is installed at E V Haughwout and Company department store, Broadway, New York City.

1857 - Blast furnace

William Kelly invents the blast furnace for steel production.

1856 - Bessemer steel process

Bessemer's process for steel production is introduced. This is the first process commercially viable process for producing steel, leading to the replacement of iron and other metals with steel.

1855 - Rayon

George Audemars invents Rayon but is not able to manufacture it commercially.

1854 - Halladay windmill

Daniel Halladay patented the first commercially successful self-governing windmill.

1854 - Bunsen burner

Bunsen burners are first produced by German physicist and chemist Robert Bunsen.

1852 - Burglar alarm

American manufacturer Edwin Holmes develops the burglar alarm.

1851 - Washing machine

James King is awarded the first patent for a mechanical clothes washing device: a hand powered, rotating cylinder machine with a drum.

1851 - The Great Exhibition

The Great Exhibition is held at Crystal Palace, London. It was a showcase for manufacturers and industrialists, and was a great success, attracting over 6 million visitors and making a profit of £187,000 for the nation.

1851 - First IMechE London Meeting

In the same year as The Great Exhibition, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers first London meeting is held.

1850 - Underwater telegraph cable

The first underwater telegraph cable is laid between France and England.

1850 - Dishwasher

The first dishwasher is developed by Joel Houghton.