Pump selection (V)

Learn how to select the right pump for the right use

7 hours

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Pump selection (V)


£350.00 Plus vat
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Learn how to select the right pump for the right use

The course has been designed so that individuals with a general engineering or commercial background can gain an understanding of the principles associated with the selection of pumping equipment.

The course provides a foundation of understanding the issues that need to be considered when selecting a pump and is often attended after the course “Pumping fundamentals”.

A series of presentations and exercises will be used to illustrate the principles underlying the process in the most practical way possible.

It is recommend that you take the Pumping fundamentals course for a basic understanding before attending this course.

Delivery format:

This course will be delivered as 2 x 3.5-hour virtual classrooms (VCs)

Who should attend?

Those whose role includes the planning and specification of pumping operations and those who have a need to be conversant with the principles of pump selection. 
It is recommend that you take the Pumping fundamentals course for a basic understanding before attending this course.

How will I benefit?

After the course you will be able to:

  • Classify and summarise differing types and classes of pumping equipment
  • Ensure there is an efficient exchange of information between the Pump vendor and the pump purchaser
  • Considerations to be made when selecting auxiliary pump equipment
  • Undertake selection procedures based on hydraulic and other parameters
  • Confidently state the purposes of a quotation and a contract
Contributes 7 CPD hours

Key topics

General Approach to selecting a pump

Selection Process
Defining the need
Collating information.
Data Sheets
Grouping the desired features

Eliminating unsuitable Pump types
Meeting the hydraulic requirements
How to select a rotodynamic pump
How to select a positive displacement pump
Check requirements

Installation requirements
Compatibility Requirements
Reviewing the selection.
Specifications for other equipment

Turbine drives
Electric motors and hydrostatic drives
Couplings & alignment
Ancillary items
Contractual Issues

Role of a quotation
Preparing a quotation
Data Sheet
Commercial Liability
Bid Evaluation

Mapped against UK- SPEC competencies: E, D, C and B

  1. Professional commitment - For Incorporated and Chartered Engineers: ‘Demonstrate a personal commitment to professional standards, recognising obligations to society, the profession and the environment’
  2. Communication and inter-personal skills - For Incorporated and Chartered Engineers: 'Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills’
  3. Responsibility, management or leadership - For Incorporated and Chartered Engineers: 'Provide Technical and commercial leadership’
  4. Design and development of processes, systems, services and products - For Chartered Engineers: ‘Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of mechanical engineering problems’ For Incorporated Engineers ‘Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to design, develop, manufacture, construct commission, operate, maintain, decommission and re-cycle mechanical engineering processes, systems, services and products’

Meet our trainers

These trainers regularly teach Pump selection (V).

  • Alex Yates Imeche

    Alex Yates

    Alex has been the principle presenter of the BPMA Certified Pump Systems auditor (CPSA) initiative for a number of years Alex has worked in the field of roto-dynamic performance assessments for the last 30 years. Over this time, he has assessed pumps, blowers and hydro turbines throughout the world. He specialises in the assessment of the pump performance and the interaction of multiple unit operations both for series and parallel systems.

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At a glance

  • Duration:
    7 hours
  • CPD Hours:
  • UK-Spec:
    E, D, C, B

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