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Dimensioning and tolerancing of fixtures and gauges

This course has been designed as a follow-on from our 3 day Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing programme.

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Dimensioning and tolerancing of fixtures and gauges


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This course has been designed as a follow-on from our 3 day Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing programme.

Many engineering companies find that a percentage of their parts do not assemble or function, both in factory build and in the field. This is costly not only in terms of scrap, lost production, factory efficiency and profit, but also in terms of the costs of poor quality associated with loss of reputation and sales to competitors. The recent growth in global sourcing, where mating parts are often designed and produced not only in different plants but in different continents has amplified the opportunities for these damaging situations to arise.

Functional gauges (also known as hard gauges) verify boundary conditions and are a means of checking immediately that the parts output from a manufacturing process are good for both assembly and function. This means that only good parts get passed forward through the value stream, so in the event of a problem with the manufacturing process it will be identified immediately, preventing further bad parts from being produced and allowing the problem to be fixed at the earliest opportunity. Non-value added measurements and inspection operations may be reduced or even eliminated.

Functional gauging is worth its weight in gold as a must have quality policy for any engineering operation serious about guaranteeing quality, from the point of manufacture all the way through the value stream to the customer. It is essential in any lean or quality-led operation and a must have for any engineering enterprise that is seeking to become a market leader.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for jig, fixture, gauge and tool designers; manufacturing, quality, design & development engineers; and toolmakers.

Delegates should have already completed the 3 day Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing course (or equivalent), and be fully conversant with, and able to calculate, MMVC boundaries.

How will I benefit?

After the course you will be able to: 

  • Design, dimension and tolerance fixtures for production and inspection processes
  • Reduce variation in manufactured parts and inspection results
  • Design, dimension and tolerance functional gauges
  • Guarantee the assemblability and function of parts at the point of manufacture
  • Help protect the value stream and quality to the customer
Contributes 7 CPD hours

Key topics

  • The principles of gauging
  • Gauging policy
  • Gauge accuracy
  • Gaugemakers' tolerances
  • Wear allowances
  • Constraint
  • Gauge and fixture design

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