Composite materials and manufacturing

Gain an understanding of the fundamental aspects of design for manufacture of composites and their constituent parts.

2 days

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Composite materials and manufacturing


£1,095.00 Plus vat
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£1,350.00 Plus vat


Gain an understanding of the fundamental aspects of design for manufacture of composites and their constituent parts.

A major issue companies find is not knowing the rules of thumb around composites and their use. This course covers those aspects and how to appropriately idealise composite structures based on the desired outcome.

You will walk away from this course with knowledge that allows them to efficiently use their tools for the purposes of design for manufacture.

This course elaborates on the different types of composite materials, providing an overview to those less familiar with the product. It also looks at the different materials used in composite structures, as well as their application and use in order to develop an advanced understanding.

You will learn the enhanced skills you need in the manufacturing composites sector; and study different areas of composite manufacturing, such as the assessment of defects and damages, the types of defects and damages that can occur, the future of thermoplastic matrix composites and the future of automatic fibre placement, to name a few.

Course content

Day 1
  • Session 1: Course introduction
  • Session 2: Composite definitions
  • Session 3: Composite characteristics
  • Session 4: Prepreg techniques
  • Session 5: Dry Fibre techniques
Day 2
  • Session 1: Manufacturing Processes
  • Session 2: Assembly Process
  • Session 3: Defects, Detection and Testing
  • Session 4: Case Study – Repair Case Study
  • Session 5: Course Wrap-Up

All sessions have a short summary and pop-quiz style section at the end. Please note that the session distribution above may vary depending on learning needs and number of delegates of each cohort.

Who should attend?

Engineers or Engineering Managers with little knowledge of composites, or at least exposure of what a composite material is. As well as individuals involved in composite concessions, non-destructive testing and the manufacturing, as well as individuals looking to broaden their understanding of composites from a manufacturing perspective.

How will I benefit?

After attending this course you will be able to: 

  • Understand the basics of different composite materials and their constituents
  • Understand the basics of different composite applications
  • Have a strong understanding of the composite manufacturing processes
Contributes 14 CPD hours

Key topics

  • Composite definitions terminology and notation
  • Constituents – reinforcement, matrix, core
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Prepreg techniques
  • Dry fibre techniques
  • Thermoplastics
  • Automation
  • Part design
  • Assembly process
  • Future technologies
  • Defects and detection

Mapped against UK- SPEC competencies: A, B and E

  1. Knowledge and understanding - For Chartered Engineers: ‘Use a combination of general and specialist engineering knowledge and understanding to optimize the application of existing and emerging technology’ For Incorporated Engineers: ‘Use a combination of general and specialist mechanical engineering knowledge and understanding to apply existing and emerging technology’
  2. Design and development of processes, systems, services and products - For Chartered Engineers: ‘Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of mechanical engineering problems’ For Incorporated Engineers ‘Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to design, develop, manufacture, construct commission, operate, maintain, decommission and re-cycle mechanical engineering processes, systems, services and products’
  3. Professional commitment - For Incorporated and Chartered Engineers: ‘Demonstrate a personal commitment to professional standards, recognising obligations to society, the profession and the environment’

Meet our trainers

These trainers regularly teach Composite materials and manufacturing.

  • Miroslav Stojkovic

    Miroslav Stojkovic, MSc CEng MRAeS

    Miroslav's work includes theoretical, experimental, and practical investigations of performance polymer composite and metallic structures when subjected to a wide variety of loading, process modelling and system engineering. He has extensive experience in product development, analysis, testing and manufacturing process development of composite and metallic materials, structures and systems gained through 20 years of experience by working in regulated industries and R&D environment.

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At a glance

  • Duration:
    2 days
  • CPD Hours:
  • UK-Spec:
    A, B, E

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