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Light-rail scheme could take passengers to Heathrow


(Credit: Bombardier)
(Credit: Bombardier)

​A £375m light-rail link to Heathrow airport is one of a number of third-party proposals submitted to the Department for Transport.

The scheme, similar in style to the Docklands Light Railway, has been submitted by Spelthorne Council and is an alternative to bids by the Windsor Link Railway and Heathrow Southern Rail, reports New Civil Engineer.

It would link a new station in Staines to the airport, which the council claims would release “huge untapped potential” for Heathrow.

“We’re very keen to maximise the benefits coming out of the expansion of Heathrow airport because quite a lot of our northern communities are going to be significantly impacted by Heathrow,” said Spelthorne Council's group head of regeneration and growth Heather Morgan.

“We’re saying we support the expansion, but only on the basis that it has sufficient economic benefits, enough to outweigh the environmental and the cost to the local community.”

The council opted for light rail to avoid taking up too much land and damaging the protected area of Staines Moor. It worked with Interlinking Transit Solutions, which is proposing a London-wide light-rail scheme.


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