How to approach your CPD

get the most out of your development through regular planning, recording and reflection.

All active registered members are required to record their CPD but how you record it is up to you.

CPD is personal – it’s about your development and will be unique to you, depending on your role, your career stage and your goals. Our approach to CPD is about learning outcomes achieved through the activities conducted, rather than time spent on an activity. For this reason the Institution does not support an hour or points based system to record CPD. 

What we do value is the benefits you gain from it and how these guide your CPD to help meet future goals. 

However you record your CPD we recommend that you do so regularly and, where appropriate, apply a structured approach to get the most out of what you are working to achieve. The cycle below is one such way of approaching your CPD. 



CPD Audit stages



Reflective Practice

Ideally personal development should be about regularly looking back at what you have done and thinking critically, as well as then looking forward and planning positively towards ongoing and future goals. We call this reflective practice or reflective learning. CPD shouldn’t just be about recording activities but rather engaging with what you have done and maximising your personal development.

To find out more about Reflective Practice have a look at our guidance 

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