Practical Advice on how to record your Continuous Professional Development

We speak to members to find out how they plan, carry out and record their CPD.

Through Institution News, we share the experiences of various members with different backgrounds and experiences, highlighting some of the rewards of recording CPD. Each month we feature different aspects of personal development, to help members realise the benefits of carrying out regular planning and recording.  

To help you further we revisit some of these members, ask them to expand on what they shared, and provide practical advice and examples of how they approach their own development log.

Diego Russo Juliano CEng MIMechE

Diego talks us through A to Z of how he approaches his CPD, being both methodical and realistic. He sums it all up as Plan, Do, Check, Act. You can also read Diego’s original article: The benefits of CPD.

Examples of Diego’s CPD records.

Keith Miller CEng MIMechE

Keith is a Rehabilitation Engineer, developing bespoke medical devices to aid mobility in severely disabled patients. After demonstrating an admirable approach to his development, we asked him a few questions about how he tackled his CPD:

Read more about Keith's CPD.





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