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Cyclife Aquila Nuclear is a specialist provider of containment, shielded facilities, remote handling, and transport and handling equipment solutions within the nuclear market sectors of decommissioning, defence, plant life extension, research and development, and new nuclear build.

Our primary business aim is to become the first choice for customers in the nuclear industry by delivering innovative and customised solutions. We aspire to be admired by our competitors and to be the most fulfilling nuclear company to work for in the UK, focusing on excellence and industry leadership.

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How important are engineers and your technical staff to your business / sector?

Engineers and technical staff are of paramount importance in our organisation and sector. They are the drivers of our business, involved in every aspect. The nuclear industry, with its unique challenges, relies heavily of their expertise. Developing engineers in this field is crucial to bridging the gap due to the rarity of nuclear knowledge and skills.

How does professional registration benefit your company, staff, sector?

Professional registration offers numerous benefits to our company, staff, and sector. It allows our team to continue growing professionally, fostering well-rounded individuals with not only technical but also communication, commercial, leadership, and management skills. Moreover, it helps us stay updated on safety standards, the latest technology, and diversify our knowledge beyond our business domain, ultimately enhancing our overall capabilities.

Why did you decide to become a Membership Partner with IMechE?

We chose to become a Membership Partner with IMechE because we recognised the advantages of their programme through close collaboration. We aim to accredit our Professional Development Scheme and attract new engineers while enhancing recruitment and retention. Additionally, it’s our way of giving back to IMechE and the profession, benefiting from their support in areas where we lack internal proficiency.

How do you envisage this partnership will help your business and staff?

We anticipate that this partnership will bring diversification, collaboration, and growth opportunities to our business and staff. It makes us more appealing to new engineers, provides expert guidance for individual development, and ensures ongoing investment in our team's growth, directly impacting our business's success. Partnering with IMechE, an internationally recognised organisation, distinguishes us in an increasingly globalised market.

What are/ will be the most important benefits of working with the IMechE?

Working with the IMechE offers several crucial benefits, including enhanced collaboration, fostering both individual and business growth. It underscores our commitment to our team and provides valuable learning opportunities, contributing to our professional development and success.