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At Rubberatkins we provide innovative and reliable high-performance sealing solutions. We add value to our partners, by providing expertise that reduces the overall cost of ownership and support of our products, through superior performance or enhanced service life. We are predominantly active in the oil and gas market, but embarking on a plan that brings our superior materials and support ethos to the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

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Over 20% of our entire employee base works in material science, product development, or manufacturing/production engineering. As our business strategy is about providing technical expertise in a holistic manner engineers are incredibly important. Within the product development (R&D) team all senior engineers and higher are now Chartered and this is seen as a prerequisite to become an approval signatory.

Professional registration is important to our organisation as it provides a structure for continuous professional development and a way to externally validate engineering competence. We’ve really embraced this as part of our culture for developing engineers. IMechE’s accredited Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) has allowed us to tap into a high-quality candidate pool and ensure that we’re doing our part for the latest generation of engineers.

Rubberatkins has been working with Sandra Mulligan from IMechE’s Global Membership Development Team now for over four years, getting the support required for all our Chartership applications, structuring the MPDS, and hopefully soon expanding the MPDS to incorporate engineering technicians.

Working with the IMechE is one of the things that helps to define the culture that we are trying to create at Rubberatkins - continuous improvement in everything we do, ourselves, our products, and our processes.

It gives us an external perspective on how to develop our engineers, and ensure that we keep one eye on our own CPD. The validation of our MPDS, makes us a more attractive employer to the high-quality candidates that we aim to hire.