Collaborate. Grow. Excel.

BPA aims to keep the UK moving 24/7/365, managing pipelines & terminals safely and sustainably. We look after around 2,000km of fuel pipelines and associated terminal facilities, supplying aviation fuel to the UK’s busiest airports and a large percentage of the UK’s road transport fuel requirements to distribution depots.

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How important are engineers and your technical staff to your business/sector?

From diverting buried pipelines around expanding urban developments, engineering bulk storage terminals and pumping facilities, implementing complex control and product logistics scheduling systems and addressing ever developing cyber risks, we simply can’t maintain the UK fuel supply infrastructure without our team of engineers and technical staff from a broad range of disciplines.

How does professional registration benefit your company, staff, sector?

Professional registration is essential in demonstrating both to our own team and to our clients that we take the engineering project works we do seriously, providing a professional service from a professionally recognised, technically competent team. It is also essential in demonstrating to prospective team members our commitment to their continuing structured professional development.

Why did you decide to become a Membership Partner with the IMechE?

We are continually looking to improve our industry offer and to attract, develop and retain the best technical staff we can. This aligns perfectly with The IMechE membership goals of “Collaborate. Grow. Excel.” Closer team collaboration promises some interesting cross fertilisation of ideas.

How do you envisage this partnership will help your business and staff?

Regular liaison and collaboration via a dedicated IMechE focal point, team access to in-company support and events, guidance and support with CPD and professional registration are all areas, which together create value for our staff and make us a more attractive employer for the high-quality staff we want to attract.

What are/will be the most important benefits of working with the IMechE?

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration! Our closer association with the IMechE brings not only a greater credibility to BPA’s business, but also demonstrates our commitment to the BPA team of the support we provide in developing their skills. All ultimately leading towards an innovative, informed, and diverse workforce at BPA.