Jake Fletcher IEng MIMechE

Jake Fletcher is a Design Engineer with Whale Tankers Ltd.

Jake FletcherWhat is your current role?

I work on projects to develop innovative new product ranges, working alongside a partner company and senior management at Whale Tankers Ltd.

I am also involved in an internal project to design a state of the art testing centre to aid our service department. My role involves liaising with management to ensure that the designed installation meets their requirements and also working closely with civil engineers to make sure the installation is implemented as planned.

Outline your career so far. Have you worked on any unusual or high profile projects? ?

I started as an apprentice at Whale Tankers Ltd in 2009, where I was building bespoke commercial vehicles in particular the ADR Tipping Artic Trailers.;

After completing my HNC, I moved to the Technical Department where I was involved with Production Design. I was involved with a range of varied specialist projects including designing 8 Road Rail Demountable vehicles for Network Rail working alongside Dutch engineering company, called Hilton Engineering.

You were registered as an EngTech (Engineering Technician) before becoming an IEng (Incorporated Engineer)?  Describe your experience of becoming an EngTech

After my apprenticeship,I had all the necessary competences required to apply for my Engineering Technician status. As I had completed an Institution- accredited apprenticeship , it was easy for me to apply by simply filling in the approved scheme application form.

What encouraged your registration as an IEng?

My goal has always been to be a Chartered Engineer; I am currently doing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering to help me achieve this. However, after speaking to advisers from the Institution I was encouraged to apply for IEng once I had completed my BEng, so I could become professionally registered sooner.

Describe how you became an IEng.

The IEng application guidance notes on the Institution website made the process a lot easier. My BEng in Mechanical Engineering is also accredited by the Institution so I had already met the academic requirements.

I had support from a Chartered Engineer at work who was able to review my form. Although the application required a lot of detail, I found it was relatively quick to complete the form, it took me about a week. 

Did anything surprise you about the experience?

I found completing my application easier than I expected, it really helped me to have support from a colleague at work who was able to share their experiences.

What advice would you give someone considering professional registration as an IEng? 

I would encourage anyone to apply for their IEng professional registration, it has many benefits and I feel that my peers within the industry now recognise my experience and competences. 

How has becoming an IEng benefited your career?

I have been able to work with team members from other industries and different parts of the world, as my skills and competences are now recognised as IEng.  

How does your employer benefit from you being an IEng?

We have tendered for a number of commercial contracts that require Incorporated and Chartered Engineers to complete certain tasks, now that I am an Incorporated Engineers I have been able to take part in these. I also act as a mentor for others applying for the IEng status within the company. 

What are your future career goals?

I would like to continue to work on innovative projects; Whale Tankers Ltd currently have a number of innovative international projects which I am involved in. I would also like to achieve Chartered status once I have completed my MSc.  

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