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Hear from Andy Graham as we congratulate him on becoming the Institution’s youngest Fellow at the age of 26. He discusses why he became an engineer and what he aims to achieve in his career.

Andy Graham

From a young age, Andy had the opportunity to get stuck into the world of engineering and DIY when he realised that he was the only sibling, out of four, who took an interest in his dad’s love of DIY. He also gives credit to his secondary engineering/DT teacher, Mr Hughes, who put up with his ‘wild’ ideas and encouraged him to repeatedly try, and sometimes fail, to make products such as articulated lamps and mechanical grandfather clocks!.

Becoming a Fellow

After achieving a 1st class degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, Andy found that working towards Chartership was a great way to ensure he was growing professionally, and once he achieved this, he noticed the impact the status had on his interactions with other engineers and industry professionals. The idea of reaching Fellowship for Andy was one that he aspired to after admiring Fellows he had worked with; “I didn’t expect it to happen as soon as it did!” he jokes. The prospect of becoming a Fellow was exciting to Andy as it provided him with the opportunity to further his career and business, open new doors to engage in the community, and to find more ambitious and talented engineers for his team.

Career Ambitions

When asked what he was hoping to achieve in his career over the next few years, Andy responded, “I would love for my career to have as positive an impact on the world as possible.” Becoming the Co-Founder of Amodo Design, a Sheffield-based multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, with a focus on sustainability and ethical delivery. Andy believes there is potential for positive change in many spaces and industries, and that he can play a part in making that change.

“If you’re considering applying to become a Fellow, I’d suggest you make sure you meet the requirements and then go for it!” Even though Andy has only been a Fellow for a short amount of time, he is excited to see the opportunities it opens for him to advocate for the positive uses of engineering in shaping a better world.

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  • Facts

    Name: Andrew Graham

    Role: Co-Founder at Amodo Design


    • University of Sheffield – MEng in Mechanical Engineering – 1st class hons

    Career history:

    • 2017: Project Engineer in the elevator industry (Peters Research)
      - Data processing and analysis, software engineering and sensors

    • 2018: Design Engineer in industrial water (Atlantic Pumps)
      - Industrial steelwork, pump design, project work

    • 2018-2023: Director of Engineering in industrial water (Atlantic Pumps)
      - Leading in the engineering team
      - Water monitoring and treatment (combatting industrial water pollution)
      - Large scale water management projects
      - Industrial steelwork, rotating machinery design, IoT devices

    • 2022-Present: Co-Founder and CTO at Amodo Design
      - Growing and leading the engineering team to deliver on exciting projects in a range of in-dustries from biotech and medtech to heavy industry.
      - A wide range of technical work, including mechanical and electromechanical design, simulation and modelling, software engineering.

    Interests outside engineering:

    It’s still a little tangential to engineering, but I love making things, particularly woodwork and carving. When I manage to get some free time, you’ll often find me in my workshop, chipping away at some furniture, a bow, or even my engagement & wedding rings! I also enjoy the great outdoors and spend a lot of time in The Peak District.

    Proudest moments:

    • Becoming a Chartered Member and then Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
    • “There’s something special about watching a team you’ve grown from the ground up per-forming well, and even though my career so far has been comparatively short, I’ve had the privilege of working with some awesome engineers in my teams and have watched them achieve some fantastic things.”
    • “Engineering design is an incredibly satisfying process, and every project has its proud mo-ments, whether it’s the smooth spin of a shaft in precision machined bearing housings, the first successful run of an automated system, or the clunk of a 6-Tonsteel assembly slotting perfectly into place.”
    • “Seeing my designs on the other side of the world for the first time was particularly cool!”


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