Associate member Zac Suresh Arackakudyil graduated with a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, and is currently working for Halliburton in Aberdeen, Scotland.

What motivated you to become an engineer?

I was always fascinated by machines. Even as a kid, I wanted to break up my toys and see how they worked inside. I loved physics and mathematics, and had a yearning to tackle more challenging problems. Engineering was definitely the career I wanted to pursue as a student. Being able to design and create tools which made people's lives easier was exactly what would keep me going.

Why did you become member of the Institution?

The Institution is an excellent platform to meet and network with like-minded individuals. The different events provide an opportunity to interact and share ideas with engineers in various industries with a range of experience.

Describe your volunteer role with the Institution and why you chose to do it.

I am an Associate Member of the Institution, and I work as the young member representative for the Singapore Branch. I help the Singapore committee organise events for the university affiliate members and young engineers. Networking is the main reason why I volunteer. I get to meet people who I normally would not meet, and work with them to organise events and activities. This helps build relationships and friendships, and bolsters my leadership skills.

What are the benefits that professional registration will bring to your career?

Professional registration will definitely bring more international recognition to my education and experience. The process of getting registered also allows me to focus and streamline my career progression. It provides a disciplined manner for me to record my competencies.

Would you recommend engineering as a career?

Definitely. Engineering is field that empowers us to improve things around us. Every generation in this world has lived better and more comfortably than the previous one thanks to engineering. I would recommend a career in engineering to everyone who wants to make a difference.

What are your career highlights so far?

I started working for Halliburton straight after university, and am proud to have won four MVP (Maximizing Value-Added Performance) Awards from Halliburton. I worked in Singapore for a year and another year in Houston developing cutting edge oil field technologies. I then worked in Kenya on an Intelligent Well Installation Project. As of now, I am working on Halliburton's Remote Open Close Technology (ROCT) in Aberdeen, Scotland. I have had an internal paper published and filed for a patent on Smart Well technology.

Who inspires you?

My dad is the biggest inspiration I have. In the midst of all the adversities he faced in his life, he kept going to give me and my family the best life possible. He is hard-working, dedicated and patient in every activity he undertakes. He is also an engineer.

Do you have any advice for young students thinking about engineering as a career?

Be yourself, work hard and play hard.  And always love what you do; if not, do what you love!

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