Omar Animashaun

Omar is an Associate Member with the IMechE. He graduated with a MEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with an Industrial Placement Year from the University of Southampton. He is currently working for Cadent Gas as a Graduate Engineer.

Omar AnimashaunWhat do you do?

My team is responsible for looking after the gas distribution network by responding to emergencies, repairing gas leaks, and connecting customers to the network. I support the team in monitoring and improving compliance to relevant engineering, safety, regulatory, and customer satisfaction standards.

What inspired you to be an engineer?

I moved from the UK to Nigeria when I was young, and I found they are quite contrasting places in terms of development. A key thing which stuck me was that many areas in Nigeria do not have an uninterrupted supply of electricity and water. I became interested in learning why this is the case and what could be done about it, which eventually led me to develop a passion for engineering and how engineers can solve issues like this.

Why did you join the Institution?

I first learnt about the IMechE during my first year at University, and I quickly realised how beneficial it could be for me and my career. I initially joined as a Student Affiliate Member and upgraded my membership to Associate Member after graduation. Being an Associate Member means I am part of a huge network of engineers who have a shared passion for improving the world through engineering. I have access to a multitude of resources to support me in my development, such as the Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) which is a great tool for Developing Engineers to plan and track their development towards professional registration, with the support of a mentor. There are other useful perks such as access to seminars and conferences directly related to my interests and industry for free, or reduced cost for members.

What are your career aspirations?

I am a big advocate for sustainability and protection of the environment, so my first aspiration is to make a real contribution to the UK’s decarbonisation journey. I want to deliver significant projects which will reduce human impact on the planet and enable a more sustainable future.
Secondly, I would like to become a Chartered Engineer with the Institution. It’s a title but also much more than that. It is a recognition of your knowledge, competence, and commitment to develop and implement solutions to engineering problems.

What are your career highlights so far?

I am still at a very early stage in my career but have been fortunate enough to work on some great teams and projects already. Working at Uniper UK’s Ratcliffe Power Station during my placement year was a fantastic opportunity to work on large-scale, multi-disciplinary engineering projects and learn about the energy industry. Another highlight is in my current role, working on a project to decarbonise Cadent Gas construction sites.

Would you recommend a career in engineering?

Definitely! I am passionate about engineering and encouraging young people to consider it as a career. I am currently a STEM Mentor for a group of Key Stage 3 students, who are aged between 11-14, in the UK, raising awareness of engineering and other STEM careers. Engineering is an important and rewarding field, with opportunities to solve global and local issues to improve the world. I also believe that opportunities within engineering are ever-growing as the world looks to transition to a greener future.

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