Mazen Aboushousha

Mazen is an Associate member with the IMechE. He graduated from the University of Southampton with a BEng in Mechanical Engineering (First Class Honours) and MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies (Distinction).

Mazen Aboushousha Tell us about your current role?

I am a graduate Engineer at Cadent Gas. My current placement is with Operation and Maintenance with plans to go on and work on the feasibility study and design stage of large hydrogen projects such East Coast Hydrogen and HyNet. These projects aim to prove the feasibility of using hydrogen for heating in the UK.

What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?

From a young age, I excelled in Maths and Physics, I really enjoyed applying the theoretical knowledge to solve real life problems. I realised that through engineering you can positively impact the society and the environment you live in. Motivated by this mission, I decided to pursue a career in Mechanical engineering and then specialise in sustainable energy technologies. My passion for engineering is continuously growing as I understand more about what being an engineer entails.

What is your career highlight so far?

Although I am at an early stage in my career, I am very grateful to work somewhere where innovation is celebrated. I pitched an innovation project to the directors in Cadent Gas, the company I work for, which aims to assess the feasibility of using green welfare cabins on construction sites. Not only was the project approved and taken forward, but I was given the opportunity to lead the project team. The learnings from this experience have been phenomenal. I further developed my understanding in modelling PV systems while also working on my project management, commercial awareness, and leadership skills.

Are you working towards Chartership, if so why?

As a young engineer, I believe the journey to Chartership is an excellent opportunity to understand the responsibilities of an engineer and identify areas that you may require further development in. The Engineering Council UK-SPEC is a great framework to use to monitor your development by identifying what competences you are hitting and what you need to further work on to ensure you become a competent engineer.

Would you recommend engineering to others?

Absolutely. Engineering is all about bettering our living conditions through science and innovation. If that’s not an appealing enough reason, the soft skills associated with engineering such as clear communication, teamworking, and leadership, are skills that can positively influence your everyday life even outside your engineering career.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years time, I aim to be a Chartered Engineer, ideally working on a large decarbonisation project. I am very passionate about working on the challenges of shifting our reliance from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives. I aim to utilise what I studied during my MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies, Mechanical Engineering degree, and industrial experiences, to positively influence the society and environment I live in.

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