India subscription rates

Annual subscription rates in rupees

Our subscriptions vary according to your membership, age and financial situation. You will pay your first year's subscription just after you join or upgrade.

Our subscription year runs from January to December. The pay structure is reviewed annually. To renew online, log in to "My Account".

The subscriptions below are listed in rupees. If you want to pay your subscription in UK pounds or are looking for information on our other fees and charges, see Membership fees.


Age 2018 2019
Full-time undergraduate students and apprentices Free Free
Under 25 years old INR 2,000 INR 2,100
25-26 years old INR 4,700 INR 4,900
27-29 years old INR 8,050 INR 8,350
Over 30 years old INR 9,400 INR 9,800
† Age on 1 January

Associate Members (AMIMechE)

Age 2018 2019
Under 25 years old INR 2,000 INR 2,100
25-26 years old INR 5,450 INR 5,650
27-29 years old INR 8,400 INR 8,750
Over 30 years old INR 11,950 INR 12,450
† Age on 1 January

Members (MIMechE)

2018 2019
Chartered Engineer (CEng) INR 12,050 INR 12,550
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) INR 11,700 INR 12,200

Engineering Technician (EngTech)

Age 2018 2019
Under 25 years old INR 2,300 INR 2,400
25-26 years old INR 3,000 INR 3,100
27-29 years old INR 4,300 INR 4,500
Over 30 years old INR 5,500 INR 5,700
† Age on 1 January

Fellows (FIMechE)

2018 2019
CEng Fellow INR 14,350 INR 14,950
IEng Fellow INR 14,000 INR 14,550
EngTech Fellow INR 6,550 INR 6,800

Engineering Council registration

Engineering Council registrants must pay an additional fee to maintain your registration. We will collect this fee on your behalf and pay it to the Engineering Council. 

Engineering Council registration fees 

  2018 2019
Chartered Engineer (CEng) INR 3,350 INR 3,450
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) INR 2,850 INR 2,900
Engineering Technician (EngTech) INR 1,650 INR 1,700

Reduced subscriptions and retired members

Reduced subscriptions

If you live outside the UK and have an annual income equivalent to INR 1,369,600 or less you may be eligible to receive a reduction on your annual subscription.

If your income is less than INR 856,000 you may qualify for a further reduced subscription.

Retired members

If you have retired from full-time employment and are over 55 years of age, we can reduce your annual subscription amount.

Retired members with a total annual income, including all pension income of less than INR 856,000 may qualify for a further reduced subscription.  

Reduced and retired members subscriptions

2018 2019
Reduced subscription INR 6,150 INR 6,400
Further reduced subscription INR 3,100 INR 3,200
Retired members INR 6,150 INR 6,400
Reduced retired members INR 3,100 INR 3,200

Engineering Council fees for reduced subscriptions and retired members

Members who are also Chartered Engineers (CEng), Incorporated Engineers (IEng) or Engineering Technicians (EngTech) must pay an additional annual registration fee to the Engineering Council.

Engineering Council annual registration fees for reduced subscriptions and retired members

2018 2019
CEng INR 1,500 INR 1,550
IEng INR 1,250 INR 1,300
EngTech INR 750 INR 750

Application fees in rupees

2018 2019
Affiliate Free Free
Associate Free Free
Member (CEng and IEng) INR 7,250 INR 7,300
Fellow INR 7,250 INR 7,300
Member to Fellow INR 6,800 INR 6,850

How to pay

You can pay:

  • Online with a credit card – when you log in, the fee will be shown in UK pounds
  • By phone – pay by credit card by calling the Subscriptions Team, tel: +44 (0)1952 214 050.

Need some help?

Contact the team if you have any questions about our subscription charges: