CHAIN is an inter-institutional event designed to engage, inform, and inspire early career engineers based in a specific geographical area.

Young engineers are invited to attend an inter-institutional event to meet fellow engineers, connect with institutions and listen to a series of inspirational talks.

CHAIN will show the audience the number and range of institutions, their roles, and the benefits institutions provide. The event is aimed at anyone falling into the Young Member category – from students and apprentices to recent graduates and those aiming to gain professional registration. Each institution is invited to submit a speaker to deliver a talk of an inspirational natures as well as to promote their particular Institution.

CHAIN aims to

  • Present a cross-section of the engineering world to young engineers and inform them of the wide range of different projects and ideas happening today
  • Educate attendees about current and future issues that may affect them personally as engineers
  • Showcase to attendees the different institutions that are available to them, who they are, who they cater for and specifically what they do in the local area, even if the institution does not have a local network
  • Encourage young people who are interested in engineering in their local area to network and get involved with their local engineering community
  • Inspire and create opportunities for all those that attend the event.

Why get involved?

  • To engage with a wide range of people, Institutions and organisations, building a network and heightening their presence within the engineering community
  • It’s a great way of networking, collaborating with other Institutions, raising the profile of engineering organisations, recruiting more volunteers and hearing from a varied and interesting range of speakers
  • Helps to build the engineering community in an area.

Where it all started

CHAIN has been running in Manchester since 2016.

The event has attracted over 425 young people and a number of institutions including:

and organisations such as: as well as a special presence from BLOODHOUND.

Further information

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To find out more about CHAIN or if you are interested in running a CHAIN event in your region please contact:

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