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If you’d like an opportunity to put your practical engineering skills and experience to good use, you should consider volunteering to help Remap.

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Remap is a charity that puts people who can design and make things in touch with disabled people that need things made for them. You might be doing anything from helping to add external switches to the toys of a child with cerebral palsy to designing and making a system to help wheelchair users play archery. 

Remap volunteers work in small local groups, and are able to discuss the projects with others and have expert input from occupational therapists to ensure the solutions created are appropriate for the needs of the people they help. 

Remap is a charity and it fundraises to pay expenses such as car mileage and the cost of raw materials used.

About you

  • You should be an engineer or skilled technician
  • You should have access to a workshop and be ready to get your hands dirty
  • You should have access to a car or similar transport, so you can visit people and transport items of equipment you have made

What you will do

  • Meet people with physical impairments and understand their needs (with the help of occupational therapists)
  • Design and make bespoke equipment to help people overcome practical challenges
  • Risk assess your projects to ensure they are safe for the user
  • Collaborate with others when working on complex challenges

How you will benefit

  • Enjoy facing practical challenges
  • Have the opportunity to apply your skills and experience
  • Seeing a smile on someone’s face when they are enabled by what you have done
  • Contribute to your local community

Where you will be

Remap has 75 local groups spread across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Get in touch

For more information about this volunteer opportunity, contact Remap.

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Ask a question or apply

For more information visit the Remap website or contact Network Development Manager David Martin.