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Membership and registration

Industry Liaison Officer

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Why not volunteer to be the vital link between us and your engineering company, or organisation?

Peter Foster Industry Liaison Officer

Would you like to join our diverse, informed and supportive network of Industry Liaison Officers (ILO), to help us reach engineering communities across a wide range of industries? Would you like to support other engineers and help them become professional engineers.

As an Industry Liaison Officer, you will represent our vision to colleagues and help us promote professional registration. You will also act as a first point of contact for others in your organisation who are members, or who just want some information about the Institution or mechanical engineering.

About you

The only two things you need to be an Industry Liaison Officer are an interest in engineering, and a desire to see your colleagues progress to the best of their ability.

You don't have to have a specific job title or role within your company, so you might be working in HR or personnel and training, or you might be a recent engineering graduate, a senior engineer, or a chief executive.

If your organisation has a large number of engineers, it might be the case that there is more than one Industry Liaison Officer in your organisation. In this situation, perhaps an Industrial Liaison Team (ILT) could be set up to draw together ILOs from different departments.

You won't be expected to answer all the queries people ask, however, you will need to be able to direct them to the right person within the Institution who can answer their question.

Meet an ILO

  • Clive Morse

    Clive helped to set up a company based registration scheme and is a strong advocate for professional registration, mentoring young engineers.

What you will do

You'll need to:

    1 Identify potential members and guide them through the professional registration process 
    2 Deal with membership enquiries from colleagues and liaise with us to achieve a positive outcome 
    3 Organise networking events and training meetings
    4 Promote the status of engineers within the company
    5 Organise seminars to help us attract new members
    6 Share information with us, and update us on relevant and significant changes, both within your industry and the company
    7 Update the relevant website pages each month

How you will benefit

You will:

    1 Gain an understanding of how we work and receive updates with news, developments and achievements
    2 Demonstrate a strong commitment to engineering, professional and personal development
    3 Gain the satisfaction of assisting colleagues with their career development
    4 Have a position of responsibility
    5 Be able to access opportunities to participate in, and seek to influence, the activities run by our local committees

Working with our developing engineers as they submit applications for professional registration, and facilitating graduates’ progress through the company training scheme, has brought me great satisfaction.

Peter Foster CEng FIMechE Peter served as an Industry Liaison Officer at Bombardier for 10 years

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If you have a question about the role of Industry Liaison Officer, we'd like to hear from you.

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