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Design Challenge 2022 Regional Finals

Throughout 2022, first- and second-year undergraduates will compete against each other in Regional Heats, going onto take part in their Regional Finals with the aim of qualifying for the National Final of the Challenge.

The 2022 project is to build a line launcher. Line launchers can be used to fire a rope from one ship to another at sea, or for various other rescue scenarios, such as delivering a line to a high-rise building, or pulling a zip line over a divide.

Teams are tasked to produce a small-scale indoor device, to fire a squash ball attached to a line, at a horizontal target, from various distances. There are many methods of firing projectiles; such devices require a controlled and safe method of energy storage with a reliable release mechanism.

Regional Final dates

  • North Eastern: 4 May 2022, Durham University 
  • Midlands: To be announced
  • North Western: 27 April 2022
  • Wessex: 23 March 2022, University of Southampton
  • Yorkshire: 30 March 2022, University of Hull
  • Greater London: 19-20 April 2022, University of Hertfordshire

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