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Gain a Competitive Edge with Ansys Student Team Partnership

Ansys is the global leader in engineering simulation software, with industry-leading solutions covering a wide range of physics areas. We partner with hundreds of student teams around the globe by providing free access to best-in-class software, learning resources, and support. Additionally, students gain a sought-after simulation skillset, making them more attractive to employers.

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Ansys Academic Research simulation software is available to student teams through our partnership for free. Tackle a range of design challenges, including motor design, explicit dynamics, and more. Product bundles include tools like Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Discovery, Ansys computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions and much more.

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Free online courses

Ansys Innovation Courses hosts hundreds of open, free mini courses on physics and engineering topics that will help you get started using Ansys products. Additionally, we have a “Student Team” category that includes courses specifically designed with student teams in mind.

Check out some examples of learning content below:

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Simulation for Design Challenge

Simulation is a powerful computational technique used to analyze and solve structural, thermal, fluid dynamics and other physical problems. With Ansys Simulation Software your team can test different design iterations, optimize your designs and discover how your final product will respond to real-world conditions in a virtual environment before real-world prototyping, saving your team time and money.

Materials for Design Challenge

Material selection is a critical aspect of design and can have a significant impact on the success of a project. From optimizing performance, managing cost, reducing weight to considering environmental impacts, choosing the right materials is very important.

With Granta EduPack you can access a database of up 4000 materials with reliable data on cost, density, strength, stiffness, durability, manufacturing processes, sustainability and a lot more all in one place. It also includes tools that allow you to select the most suitable materials and justify them in your design presentation.

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